February 7, 2011

Handy Husband + Pine Planks = Magical Basement Ceiling

Meanwhile, back in the basement...

We've been back at it for the last month.  I'm sure friends and family are starting to wonder.  We've worked through snow days, birthdays and just about every other generally-fun-if-you're-not-working-in-your-basement kind of day.  Slowly and steadily we flail madly away at the behemoth that is Project Basement.  One of us seems to know exactly what he is doing.  One of us does a bit more flailing than the other.  One of us makes flailing look GOOD.  What can I say?  I flail with grace.

As a direct result of full-time employment piled precariously on top of essential housekeeping alternating with general parenting duties served next to a hot side of non-stop Flail Fest, I have been a negligent blogger.  Thus, the next few chapters in the Project Basement saga will lag a few weeks behind real time.  Such is life. 

This is a section of the basement ceiling right next to the stairs where the plumbing connects to the kitchen and wiring connects to the box.  We were a little lost with what to do here.  The majority of the basement ceiling shall remain ceiling-less; but, this 6' x 11' area needed something to finish it off.  My single fervent request was "no (more) drywall, please."

Never fear, because if you leave him alone and stop nagging him, Handy Husband will craft a well thought out and aesthetically pleasing solution using unfinished pine plank paneling and trim.

By running the planks across the floor joists and framing the ends with perfectly cut little moldings.   Again, hallelujah for the nail gun.  Then he will pop a little recessed lighting into the new ceiling area just because he can.

Now stick with me on this paneling thing.  I know what happens in the future since I'm living here in the now and not 3 weeks ago when this was all going down.  I promise it totally works out in the end.  I can't show you the "finished" finished product, because I don't want to spoil the Painting the Basement Ceiling post.  Oh, the suspense! I will gladly share the almost finished product and we can both pretend it's as exciting as I think it is. 

A very important lesson I have learned: sometimes I just need to get out of the way for progress to be made.  Handy Husband picked up this "ceiling panel" project, ran like hell with it and finished up in a few days.  He's a pretty awesome problem-solving guy and decidedly not a Flailer. 

And yes, sometimes we do let him out of the basement.

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  1. You kill me. It looks awesome! In fact, we might do that in the attic. Our handy husbands can go to town with their nail guns and you and I will eat bon bons or something :-)

  2. that is awesome!! so much better than the drop ceiling we had in our old basement, LoL....I'm doing this for our next basement!!

  3. Looks great! Wish my hubby wasn't so cerebral...nice to have a handy man! I like the "new look". It doesn't have a basement feel! Can't wait to see the reveal! ~Michelle :)

  4. Looks nice! Looking forward to more about the basement project!

  5. Hey, even in plain pine it's a big improvement! I like the lighting, too.

  6. hubs did a great job! and your flailing was good supervision? lol ;) really nice now, so i look forward to seeing the painted version!

  7. I love it. I think it looks fantastic. Can't wait to see it all painted! :)

  8. You are right. Often nagging is counter productive, a lose lose situation.
    Yay for your hubby! It's looking great!

  9. I fall easily into full-on control freak mode and tend to get bogged down in little details. Learning to let go of the reins every now and then has been quite refreshing!

    These tongue & groove pine planks are lightweight and super easy to work with, especially in an old house where not one thing is level or square.

  10. It looks FANtastic! Good job. I'm looking forward to the after photos.

  11. That looks souper nice! I cannot wait for the finished photossss ooooh!