August 26, 2011

DIY Bunk Beds - Part 2 (Built)

Are you ready for this?  This is exciting.

We.  Have.  Bunk beds.  BAM!

Well, WE don't have bunk beds.  That would be weird.
But if we did, I totally call the bottom bunk.

The kiddos finally have a set of bunk beds to call their own.
 Not just any bunk beds.  Outstanding custom bunk beds.
Bunk beds that are clean-lined, sturdy, easy to disassemble,
with a built-in ladder AND sized to fit both pillow top mattresses.

All for about $180 worth of lumber, paint & hardware.

4 x 4 douglas fir & 2 x 4 pine for the headboard/footboard of the frame.
1 x 8 pine, 2 x 2 pine,1 x 10 pine & screws for the side rails/mattress supports.
Finished with many coats of Kilz primer & Behr Satin Enamel in Ultra Pure White.


Mission Impossible: Bunk Bed Shopping on a Budget
DIY Bunk Beds - Part 1 (Building)


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  1. Amazing! And all for $180. You guys ROCK!

  2. wow they look store bought! gerat job! xoxo's Nancy

  3. Looks great! You guys did a fantastic job (from planning through execution!) Must be a huge relief to have such a huge (but awesome) project tucked away so you can move on to other things. Exciting!

  4. best looking bunk bed i have seen in a while. Love that they are painted white.

  5. That is AWESOME! Looks great :)

  6. Amazing. Fantastic. Beautiful! BRILLIANT.

  7. Awesome! We're getting ready to start building some for our boys as well! We had wood milled from trees on our property. You did a great job on the design and paint! It looks fantastic!

  8. can't believe you made that for $180! Incredible!

    Coley @

  9. Found you on the DIY Showoff.
    Boy, I am impressed with this project.
    My girls have bunk beds that are raw wood and I have been wanting to paint the unit.
    I just love how sweet it looks in white.
    Your photo confirms that!

    Meredith from
    This week:

  10. Beautiful beds. We just sold a set all natural wood, now I wished I had painted them white!

  11. Wow!! they look amazing. How hard are they to keep white with the kiddos? I want to do white bedding in my 3 year olds room but I'm afraid it would get dirty and stained to fast. I'm a new follower. Would love for you to stop by DIY Home Sweet home on Monday and show off your beds at More the Merrier Monday link party.

  12. You did such an amazing job!! I love the entire room scheme - the wall color is beautiful and looks so good with bunk beds! I featured them on my blog today! Feel free to stop by and grab a featured button!

  13. Those are awesome! I also love the white color with the wood floors & the color of paint on the walls...PERFECT! I found your blog through the idea room blog party. I'm your newest follower. I'd love you to stop my blog if you get a minute & maybe follow along too. Great job on the bunk beds!

  14. Your beds are so pretty!!! Thanks for posting and I've got this linked to my bunk beds post too today, well done!

  15. Awesome! We are in the same bunkbed hell as you were... finding nothing that we either like or afford. I'm tempted to ask the handy husband to tackle a similar project. But I have to ask, with no guard rail on the top bed, are you not worried that someone will fall out of bed in the middle of the night?

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      The original plan called for adding side rails for the top bunk once the main part was fully constructed (we absolutely shared your concern about tiny kiddos falling out of bed).

      However, once the bed frame was built our daughter was not interested in having side rails added and preferred to use the upper bunk without a rail.

      I think the use of a guard/side rail on the bunk is a personal judgment call and should depend upon the age & sleeping habits of the little (or in this case, not so little) person sleeping on the top bunk.

  16. Anonymous here (but you can call me Susan :-).

    What you say makes sense. Ours are little so the thought of no rail terrifies me to bits, but I have to remember that not all kids are as small as mine.

    Your bunk beds rock. We're inspired!

  17. We are on an incredibly tight budget and are seriously considering copying these for both our boys' room and our girls' room. Our new house is smaller and we need to free up some floor space in their rooms for playing because we lost our playroom when we moved. 4 kids and 1 dog in one great-room that serves as a dining room/living room/sewing room/play room is just not working. I could read most of the dimensions on the drawn plans you had pictured, but what is the total height? Also, you said built in ladder - is that using the end as it's own ladder? I love that the bottom is high enough to accommodate under the bed storage. I think that is the most underused space in the house. I used to keep a tote of spare linens under every bed so I could use my linen closet for fabric storage.

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  19. They are beautiful, but unfortunately would not meet CPSC safety laws for Bunk Beds. Check out for inexpensive plans that do meet all of the laws. You can build a similar bunk for about the same cost in wood, hardware & paint.

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